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Welcome to Thomas Grochalski's Website

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The gallery have been updated with pictures of ventral patterns for 19 different morphs.
The projects list have been updated.
The gallery have been updated.
The projects list have been updated
The 4th and 5th clutch have started hatching. Expected result is Buttermotley poss het stripe (for the 4th) and normal het amel, lavender (for the 5th). The projects list have been updated.
The website have recieved numerous changes. Allthough most of them will only be apparent by the design this is not the reason for the changes. The program I previously used to design this website don't have many options requiring me to change the .html files in a number of ways every time I make a change (for instance centerering the website). Therefore I have written the whole website by hand now using notepad, since this will make the daily changes less time consuming. This is the very first time I have written a website myself with .html, so there will be changes down the line (mainly with the layout). However all the information previously on this site are accesable.
The first three clutches have hatched. In projects the hatched morphs have been coloured red.

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The sections ”About Us” and ”Projects” have been translated into English. During the process of making larger pictures for the gallery I have discovered that the white balanche of some of them are incorrect. If you think the colour of a specific picture is wrong, please write to me (Thomas) and I will make sure to fix them. A link section has been added.
The pictures in the gallery have been updated to a larger size (now: 1200x800 pixels, before: 750x500) and several additional pictures have been added. The gallery have been given a proper page on the English section (the links are still going to the Danish section, but the images can be seen regardless of ones understanding of the Danish language because there are thumbnails of every picture). Just press the back button on your web browser to return to the English gallery page. The process of translating the various sections into English have been postponed way beyond what we had hoped for. However we both have full time studies leaving little to no time at the moment for this. Hopefully the whole website will be translated during the summer holidays. However, for specific questions about the information currently written on the Danish section, feel free to send us an email and we will reply as soon as we can.

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