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This year we are hoping for the following morphs (the list is updated when the eggs are being laid). Only certain hets will be written on this list.
The morphs written in red have hatched. Availability is subject to the amount hatched and how many we decide to keep for future breeding stock.
  • Amel het anery, diffused
  • Amel het stripe
  • Anery het amel, diffused
  • Anery het lavender
  • Axanthic butterstripe
  • Buttermotley
  • Butterstripe
  • Hypo het lavender
  • Hypo lavender
  • Lavender
  • Moonstone
  • Normal het amel, lavender
  • Normal het amel, anery, diffused
  • Normal het amel, stripe
  • Normal het lavender
  • Snow het diffused
  • Snowmotley

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