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Click on a picture to go to the specific morph page. The pattern morphs motley and stripe are placed at the different colour morph pages (e.g. amel stripe under amel, lavender stripe under lavender etc.)
Anery Pewter (Anery, charcoal, diffused)
Avalanche (Amel, anery, diffused)
Axanthic Butter (Xanthic Snow) (Amel, anery, caramel)
In the hobby this morph is mostly known as "Xanthic Snow". However I believe the name "Axanthic Butter" is more descriptive of this appearance, since xanthic=yellow; axanthic=no yellow. Because of this a direct translation of my proposed name litteraly means "a non-yellow butter".
Blizzard (Amel, charcoal)
Blue (Anery, dilute) - NEW
Butter (Amel, caramel)
Caramel - NEW
Coral Avalanche (Amel, anery, diffused, hypo) - NEW
Diffused Pied-sided (Diffused, Pied-sided) - NEW
Dilute Snow (Amel, anery, dilute) - NEW
Fire (Amel, diffused)
Ghost Diffused (Anery, diffused, hypo)
Granite (Anery, diffused) - NEW
Hypo - NEW
Hypo Lavender (Hypo, lavender) - NEW
Ice (Anery, lava)
Moonstone (Anery, lavender) - NEW
Opal (Amel, lavender)
Snow (Amel, anery)
Tessera - NEW

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